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RADICAL WORDSWORTH forthcoming in April 2020 (UK); USA edition (Yale) in May.

How the Classics made Shakespeare, now out from Princeton University Press: “A model of sensitively marshaled humanist learning and thoughtful appreciation … deserves an accolade too seldom awarded to academic works: Besides being eminently readable, it proffers illuminating observations and facts on every page” [Washington Post]

Ted Hughes: The Unauthorised Life, winner of the Biographers International Organization 2015 Award for Excellence in Biography & runner-up for the Samuel Johnson Prize, now available in paperback.

The Arden Shakespeare: Titus Andronicus, revised edition, now available, with a new introduction.

The Shepherd’s Hut: Poems by Jonathan Bate, illustrated by Emma Bridgewater, now available.

“One of the great modern Shakespeare scholars”

(New York Review of Books)